Paul Collins, Catholic writer


God's New Man

The Election of Benedict XVI and the Legacy of John Paul II (2005)
Judgment Day: The Struggle for Life on Earth by Paul Collins


Publishers: Melbourne University Press and Continuum (New York and London)
Pages: xiii and 233
Price: Aus$46.99
ISBN: 0-522-85129-0 (Aust) and 0-8264-8015-2 (UK and US)
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Reviews of God's New Man

The Age (9/10/05) reviewer Barney Zwartz described the book as a “generous-Spirited appraisal ... I say generous because Collins... was hounded by the CDF under the autocratic Ratzinger, but this does not colour his discussion ... Indeed the book is intelligent, perceptive and readable – much more insightful than a similar book by the much-admired American Vatican-watcher, John Allen.”